Many people would never think about the reasons for purchasing standard moving boxes for their move. I mean, free boxes are everywhere these days! Everything comes in a box; they hand them out at liquor stores and Costco, so why not save some money and use those and some old newspapers instead of buying moving boxes and packing paper? 

Here are some great reasons from professional movers: 

  1. Moving boxes are more substantial and sturdier than the average shipping box. They are strong enough to stack on top of each other, which will be unavoidable if we are going to fit all your stuff into a moving truck. 

  2. Moving boxes are a uniform size, which makes stacking them in the truck a lot quicker. However, packing in Amazon and liquor store boxes that are small and all random sizes will add to the cost of your move, as it’ll create more trips into and out of the truck, more likely than small ones could fall or get dropped, and it will take longer to build them into a tight and secure load.

  3. Moving boxes are designed to carry an optimal volume of items making each trip to the truck efficient. Boxes should not be not too big or wide to easily fit through doorways and around corners on stairwells. 2 or 4 cubic moving boxes vs. a stack of random boxes will carry 3-4 times as many things in one trip. This will also save you a ton of time packing, as you’ll spend less time trying to fit things into the boxes and more time correctly preparing the items.

  4. If you are packing yourself, there is no moving company in existence that will accept liability for damages inside an owner-packed box. You’ve spent a lot of time and money accumulating dishes, ornaments, lamps and other precious, fragile items. Why risk these beautiful items breaking to save money on boxes? We always suggest purchasing China Barrels for your fragile items, which have extra-thick cardboard walls and will protect your precious items. 

Even with proper boxes, there are particular ways to pack things that will decrease the likelihood of breakage. For example, plates should never be packed flat, but rather on their edge, so there is less surface area exposed to the weight of things packed on top of them. Likewise, glasses should always be filled upright, as that is where they’re at their strongest. (Think of an egg and how much weight it can hold upright vs. on its side.)

If all this is too overwhelming, consider calling in professional packers to handle the delicate and breakable stuff. This way, it is covered by the mover’s liability insurance, and it is less likely that any damages will occur unpacking your priceless possessions after moving day.

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