1. Give Yourself Enough Time
One of the biggest sources of moving stress is time and not having enough of it. A stress-free move might not seem attainable, but you can make it a whole lot easier by making sure to schedule enough time to get everything done. Plan for the number of rooms in your home; typically, you’ll need about two days to pack up a studio or one-bedroom apartment, three to four days for a two-bedroom home, five to six days for a three-bedroom home, and so on. The more you leave to the last minute, the more frantic you’ll inevitably feel. Timing is key to reducing stress.

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2. Start Small
If you tackle the little things first, they will add up to big things. When you are feeling overwhelmed with where to start, just start something; it could be as small as packing up a kitchen drawer or getting all of your books into a box. Making progress no matter how big or how small, is still progress!

3. Hire Top-Rated Professional Movers
If you have room in your budget, nothing takes the stress off of moving like packing pros! In addition to lifting heavy things, movers can also help pack up your things and safely wrap up and transport hard-to-pack items like lamps and art. They are trained to efficiently pack your belongings and transport them to your destination safely and hassle-free. That alone takes the majority of stress out of moving. Eager Beaver Moving has fantastic service and reviews, call us for a quote today!

4. Organize Your Move Using a Checklist
In practice, proper organization is key to reducing stress during a move. The solution is simple enough, stay organized for your move by creating a moving checklist and following it down to a T. Write down all your tasks and goals and follow them; once you see things being completed one by one, you will feel good about your progress!

5. Get Rid of the Clutter
The more cluttered your home is, the more anxious you tend to be! Focus on what you need and what you don’t need, start small and stick to a goal to loosen your load. You can declutter clothing, old bathroom products, books, and the dreaded junk drawer. Decluttering makes a move easier, but also the unpacking.

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